"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard


Umesh Chandra, Founder & President

​Mr Umesh Chandra  is a  humanitarian and a  social innovator. He is the founder of Labour Issue Watch. He has been in this field for the last 10 years. He is a professional Social worker. His main objective   is   towards   the  emancipation   of   the  working   class   who migrates from villages and engulf in the cities for survival. He often visit villages  and  does  extensive  research  in  understanding  various  social issues.   He   works   with   the   youth   and   gives   training  on   youth development.  He  provides  youth  development  training  both  in  the villages   and   in   the   city   as   Youth   are  the  building   block   in   the society. Now  he  is  starting  work  on  education  to  promote  quality education for all.


Lata Sharma, Vice-President

An enthusiastic and kind hearted woman, Mrs. Sharma has 10+ years of counselling experience in various sectors. She started Bhor with an intention to make this society a better place for all. A strong believer of equality, she wants the poor to have equal rights as the rich and women to have a safe world as men have.

Yogesh Govindan, General Secretary

Mr. Yogesh Govindan is a social worker by education and profession.  He has been  associated with Labour Issue watch since inception. He has gained immense exposure in serving and mobilizing the community.Making people aware in understanding there basic rights with respect to the issue of sanitation till ration. Using RTI and training people within the organization and outside and addressing the  needs of disadvantaged youth, adults, children, elderly, women including homeless, emancipated youth and special-needs populations.


Prashant Kumar, Treasurer

Mr. Prashant Kumar is a social worker by education and profession.  He has been  associated with Labour Issue watch since inception. He has own his business of printing and he is himself graphic designer . His interest of area employment to the society .


Savita Devji, Executive Member

Savita Devji holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and She was running a school and she had given free education to the vulnerable children . Also she has worked as a counselor on Domestic Violence and Dowry.


Keshaw Datt Mishra, Executive Member

Keshaw Datt Mishra holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and has worked as an office assistant at Lok Shakti Manch. Also, he has worked in a survey of “National Survey on Extent and Pattern of Substance (Drugs) Abuse in India by AIIMS. He has been associated with CRY and worked for Child Rights. He has good knowledge of networking & advocacy.


Shivani Gaur, Executive Member

Ms Shivani Gaur is social worker. She is team lead for youth development program and she is trainer and motivator to youth. She has deep experience as counselor for Gender issue, Domestic Violence, Dowry and safety for girls child.


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