Youth Awareness Program, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

December 2, 2015

Youth Awareness Program, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
It has been recognized that youth populations are the capital for nation building.

However youth of our rural stratum have a different story, a story with increasing difficulties engulfed with poor living standards, unemployment, deteriorating services, social unrest and political instability. A major chunk of the youth population in our country is from the rural stratum. With increasing food shortage, rural to urban migration, Inadequate housing, health care and education; and high rates of unemployment, youth of the rural is now among the most disadvantage group. Often they have limited access to educational programs that are geared to their situation and needs. Many rural youth drop out of school at an early age. School syllabuses are designed toward academic accomplishments and to the urban areas than to learning skills useful to rural life. Rural young women have even greater difficulties than young men as they are often not given the same opportunities in education, training and Involvement in rural development activities. Hence the conditions of the rural youth are now in grim and it is now to uplift them from this disturbing situation and provide them with all the empathy to sustain and grow by themselves . A joint effort to guide them for the nation building approach as the world of the future depends on the youth of today.


As an initiatives and a goal towards rural development LIW has taken the approach towards guiding the rural youth in an approach towards the basics, to motivate and a moral boost which help the youth to enhance there conscience and self decision making approach towards their responsibilities. Improving their capabilities, improving their skills and abilities, developing leadership and the ability to work well with others in group and community situations. This approach will improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviour which are of vital importance in the implementation of sustainable agricultural and rural development programmes.

A two day Youth awareness program training was conducted. An objective to train the trainees who will lead and mobilize the youth for a holistic approach towards nation building. Dozens of Youth were mobilized and they attended the training.



Topics covered in the training were:
1.    Counseling- Rural Villages are filled with lots of misconception and lack of understanding. Counseling is an integral part of social work and youth who are trained for counseling can do wonders and bring a change in themselves and the society itself. With the conscious of the youth of the rural towards urban drift, trainees can counsel the youth towards the available potential of the village resource and bring light to their livelihood. Youth who are lured towards towns in the hope of greater opportunities for employment and better education could be changed and impart a better light for global view. An initiative towards to think locally and act globally.
2.    Communication-The rural youth is left without entrepreneurial role model, low skills development opportunities, few job prospects. Many rural youth are not exposed to a variety of self-development possibilities, often lacking diversity and activities that could prepare them for careers or involvement they may not have considered. Communication problems are one of the major reasons for these youth who are left out of the population. 
3.    Perception-The United Nation describes one of the more significant characteristics of young people is to live under conditions that encourage their imagination, ideals, energy and vision to flourish on the benefit of their societies (United Nation, 2007). They need to be imaginative, energetic and visionary for the benefit of their societies. As information and youth represent two of the largest in country development, it is important to understand the rural youth’s perception towards information sources and usage. They are expected to use the information for several reasons such as to complete a task, to solve a problem as well as to decide.
4.    Domestic Violence-In our society, violence is bursting. It is present almost everywhere and more intense right behind the doors of our homes. Behind closed doors of homes all across our country, people are being tortured, beaten and killed. It is happening in rural areas, towns, cities and in metropolitans as well. It is crossing all social classes, genders, racial lines and age groups. It is becoming a legacy being passed on from one generation to another. Hence training the youth towards understanding domestic violence act action plans for tackling Domestic violence in their areas was a must.

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