Exposure Visit, Saijna Gautiya, Uttar Pradesh

January 28, 2016


Labour Issue Watch on 09 January 2016, has conducted an exposure visit to a neighboring village named Goutia sejna which is about 16-17 km by road from Mondanpur, Bareilly and only 2-3 km if we cross a river from Mondanpur. Agricultural activity is the main livelihood of this village. Just by the very sight of the village, we noticed that there is not a single electricity pole in the village. A village of 450 voters who has not been credited with any development as the gram panchyat itself is clubbed with 3 villages. This clearly shows how this village is neglected and has never received any fruits of development even after 60 years of independence. In a country were proposal for smart city, bullet train are initiated and on the other side we can see a village where till date there is no electricity facility. And it is a fact that there are many villages in India similar to Gautia village. The Roads are kacha. Dispensary with no presence of doctors where people admitted that they receive medicine without any medication. Schools are not guideline as per the sarva shiksha abhiyan lacking all the basic amenities and facilities for a child to study in the school. People even stated that they don’t get the complete wages as per the NREGA. There are people who don’t have a ration card. Even old age and widows are deprived from the pension scheme. Due to lack of proper sanitation there is dirt all over in the village. Lack of cleanliness and dirt breeds germs of diseases. Hence, people fall an easy prey to diseases. From this exposure visit it is clear that this village is derived from all aspect of development. 




Hence the following issues can be summarized from this exposure visit.


1. Unemployment

2. Sanitation issue

3. No power facility

4. Poor medical facility

5. Issues in school

6. Housing problem

7. No old age and widow pension

8. No facility for handicapped 

9. Land issue

10. No ration card

11. No community hall

12. Kacha road

13. No assistance during drought and flood.

14. Lack of awareness and various government schemes.



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